Get A Expert Gel Nail Set And Quickly Learn to Use Them At Home

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From the mid 2010's, gel Nail manicures and pedicures became the must have things in nail stores anywhere. While the total cost of the set was higher than traditional polish, customers did not mind paying it since the results last way longer. For a while,gel nails were a nail shop only commodity, but with the rise of the DIY movement it's currently feasible to get the look in your home. Although it's likely to DIY the gel nails at one's home, the overpowering information online can drive anybody back to the nail shop to receive them. Do not fear, this article will give readers steps on the best way to pick and create the right professional gel nail set in your home.

1) Be Sure to Get Quality Products

While Looking for the Ideal kit online or in store, make sure they are of top notch quality. Best quality doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Look for sales and fantastic deals on online websites and compare prices to producer's. Please don't miss out on this step. While you may think you are getting over by spending money at times, your nails results will suffer for it. Not just that, using cheap or unregulated gel nail kit products can harm your skin. Even using a cheap UV lamp could give rise to a form of skin cancer, and nobody wants that. Please do your own research.

2) How To Find The Perfect Gel Set

Now You Have the Right kit, you need the right steps for the perfect gel set. First thing to Do would be to remove previous nail polish from the nails with some sort of nail polish remover. Then get your base coat and apply it to your nails and cure Under the UV lamp for 1 minute. After this, apply your color to the nails and Cure for 2 minutes. When the color is cured, apply the gel top coat and cure That for 2 minutes too. Please make Sure the gel top coat is especially For gel nail polish, as regular polish can cause cavities on your set. When You are finished curing, use regular rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to remove The'tacky' layer on the nails. Finish up with cuticle oil and cream and you Are all set. It is that simple. For more take a look at dig this.
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