Prevent Hair Bumps by Using a Good Shaving Brush?

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Another popular ingredient being used is Skintology MD Aminophylline, an asthma drug. This ingredient isn't naturally produced by the body and its safety and efficacy has yet to be determined.

Other products make the claim that Retinol A, a derivative of Retin -A, can help remove cellulite. Their claim is that Retinol A can change the water content in the skin overlying the cellulite. However, only Retin- A has been shown to do that. Retin A is a prescription drug and can't be found in over the counter creams. So don't be fooled.

There are all sorts of ingredients trying for consumer attention, egg protein, sea shells, plant extracts, herbal remedies and green tea. Some of these ingredients would make nice lotions, but they can't rid the body of cellulite. That's the bottom line!

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